My name is Thibault and I am your host here with the pen name ฮฒฮฏฮฟฯ‚ (bios in Greek).

This website provide summaries of excellent articles about climate change in order to help spreading scientific facts.

Metaterreโ€™s original tagline was โ€˜Favor the balance of natureโ€™.

We start with the question: โ€œHas Hummanity lost its care of every life form on Earth?โ€

Science based evidence shows us that caring about the Natureโ€™s delicate balance is worth fighting for any form of life on Earth.

If one choose to prioritize Natureโ€™s equilibrium over personal and societal interests, then some of his, her, its things have to go.

Through ideas, facts and activities promoted on this website, we hope some of you will try changing some of their behaviours.

This website is also part of the Tibocut Network.

Please visit https://thibault.baradat.net/about/ and https://thibault.baradat.net/metaterre/ to read more about this project.


  • We use a combination of machine learning software (A.I.) ย and manual editing to write some of our articles.
  • We always try to quote and link the original sources and authors.
  • We do not use any form of advertising or audience trackers.

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